Part I

This is First Part of Application. After Submitting it you can immediately proceed with second part, or wait for us to contact you through email.
Please complete the rest of the form in CAPITAL LETTERS
(in case of existing company)
(in case of new company) Please write up to three company names and divide them with coma “, “
add a specific description
specify description
(Country and counterparties names)
(if any)
If you wish to appoint your own directors complete the information below and the Due Dilligence Questionnaire for Individuals (Appendix I). *If you have more than two directors/managers please write it in section “Additional Information” below.
State full name (Mr/Mrs)
State full name (Mr/Mrs)
Please register following parties as shareholders and complete Due Diligence Questionnaire for Individuals (Appendix I). *In “Other” Information add if needed more than two DIRECTORS/MANAGERS
State full name and last name (Mr/Mrs)
State full name and last name (Mr/Mrs)
Name, Last Name, and e-mail
Please write your and your witnesses (Minimum two witnesses) Full Name; Capacity; Date * After submitting this form, you will receive a form with all the details you provided us with which you will sign in order for this application to be valid