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Every company faces tax challenges. By giving customized, superior quality advice CP Palema aims to assist our clients to achieve optimum tax structure and minimize the tax burden.

Our experienced personnel is continuously following all tax changes in the European and in all other regions so that they can offer you the most efficient tax solution.

Our tax products and services include:

  • Corporate tax planning and restructuring to minimize the tax burden
  • International tax planning and advice on bilateral conventions to avoid double taxation
  • Keeping you up to date with Cyprus and EU changes
  • Registration with Income Tax authorities
  • Preliminary tax review of the company’s tax position
  • Preparation of temporary tax assessments
  • Filing temporary tax assessments
  • Preparation corporate income tax returns
  • Filing corporate income tax returns
  • Preparing and filing personal income tax returns
  • Liaising with the Tax authorities regarding the company’s tax affairs
  • Obtaining tax rulings for specific transactions
  • Obtaining tax resident certificates
  • Obtaining tax clearances for both companies and individuals