Our experience personnel can offer you any of the following services:

Payroll Services

  • Calculating and recording monthly payroll transactions and relevant contributions
  • Preparing and sending monthly pay slips to the employees
  • Executing the monthly payroll payments to the employees on your behalf (either by bank transfer or by cheque)
  • Executing payments to the government authorities of PAYE taxes, social security contributions, medical fund  instalments and provident fund
  • Assisting in the application for obtaining work and residence permits for principals and expatriate personnel
  • Arranging for the legalization and certification of documents
  • Preparing and filing the annual return on behalf of the employer (IR7 form)
  • Advising on the setting up and handling of a company’s provident fund
  • Advising and reviewing employment contracts, as well as advising on employment law issues (in collaboration with labor law legal advisors)

Payroll review services

Alternatively, if you have complex payroll transactions or you are unsure of the calculations made we can review all payroll documentation prepared and submitted by the Company; such as monthly payroll analyses, monthly Social Insurance payments, IR7 form etc. Following our review, we will provide our advice throughout the financial year should we identify any matters that need to be brought to the attention of the management.

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