The recent economic crisis and the turbulence in the financial markets made it more difficult for companies to obtain financial support and explore investment opportunities. Financial institutions are reluctant and more prudent when financing companies or projects.

Our professional relationships extend among many local and international financial institutions, banks, commercial finance companies, subordinated debt funds, equity funds, and investment banking.

We can liaise with them and explore the opportunity to assist your business obtain financial facilities that can boost your investment opportunities and therefore maximize shareholders’ wealth. All the documentation and any other compliance or regulatory requirements can be provided by our experienced staff.

At CP Palema, we monitor regulatory and legislative developments in Europe in order to enable you to exploit rising opportunities.

Whether you are searching for a business partner to expand activities to Europe,seeking assistance with the ascension of Cyprus to EU, or merely exploring possibilities for the new Europe, CP Palema can help.

With us, you are always a step ahead.

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