Our dedicated team is aware that the timely release of a NAV is essential to our clients. Specialized software is employed to ensure that client information is processed and reported both efficiently and reliably. Reports can be delivered by electronic means in accordance with individual client preferences. Our knowledgeable fund accounting and valuations staff offers the following services:

  • Maintenance of full multi-currency accounting records
  • Calculation of all fund related fees (including performance fees and investor equalisation)
  • Calculation and disbursement of income and dividend distributions
  • Preparation of portfolio valuation reports and other reporting
  • Communication of NAV per share or other entitlements to interested parties
  • Assistance in the audit process
  • Assistance in the preparation of interim and annual financial statements
  • Preparation and filing of returns to enable compliance with relevant regulatory bodies and stock exchanges.
  • Equalisation/series accounting
  • Tailored Accounting (including FIFO, LIFO, Costs Accounting, and limited partnership accounting, International Accounting Standards)
  • Partnership accounting
  • Multiple pricing sourcing and reconciliation
  • Complex legal structure functionality
  • Consolidated reporting
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